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Join the innovative
AACSB-accredited program:

Venture Global MBA
at Tel Aviv University

As a Global MBA student studying new
venture creation, you are
about building a better future.
Reflecting our intimate
size, you will be
carefully guided to integrate classroom
personal development, and
immersive professional experiences.

Position yourself at the
heart of the tech world

Experience the world’s leading
economy in venture,
and entrepreneurship, while gaining
an MBA that
will help you transform
vision into reality.

in the world for
unicorns established by
graduates (Pitchbook)
MBA in the world for
amount of VC raised
by alumni (Pitchbook)
students per class
for a personalized

Stories from our
recent graduates

"Our alumni have successfully combined
entrepreneurial theory with practice
across a range of
functions, industries,
and geographies.
As a graduate, you too will be prepared
to lead
meaningful change, and harness
the power of your inner vision, passion,
and imagination.”

Gaida Saleh
Gaida Saleh
Leading eco-friendly innovation
“The Sofaer Global MBA has given me the
opportunity to gain valuable skills,
explore new industries, and build
connections with inspiring and
individuals from all over
the world."
Frank Cordesmeyer
Frank Cordesmeyer
Accelerating disruptive
food solutions
"I feel blessed to be part of the Israeli
Startup Nation and am impressed by the
support the Sofaer Global MBA provides
to students who are studying while
simultaneously running their own
Eduardo Bilman
Eduardo Bilman
Reigniting entrepreneurial spirit,
passion, and drive
"I am privileged to be part of the Sofaer
Global MBA program and proud to be here
in Israel. This has been an intense
journey for me, and it has only just
Sarah Belson
Sarah Belson
Transitioning into the
entrepreneurial world
“My favorite parts of the MBA are the
diverse classmates who offer new
perspectives and the ability to pursue
my interest in the HR tech industry as
well as a Product Management role.”
Alex Branum
Alex Branum
Expanding horizons
to forge new frontiers
“The experience of the faculty and the
network of my world-class colleagues
is invaluable and unmatched
anywhere else."
Tim Freed
Tim Freed
Cyber security entrepreneur
"The MBA has enabled me to develop
my network and focus on how I can
leave the best impact in the world.”
Orly Margulis
Orly Margulis
Exploring new roles in
product marketing
"I’ve been able to connect with
inspiring alumni, learn from my
incredible colleagues, and involve
myself in many projects that allowed
me to realize that I can merge my
passion for marketing with my
management skills."